Warranty & Repair


Allstate Carburetor and Fuel Injection (ACFI) provides a 90 day warranty against remanufacturing defects for all custom built, remanufactured, and stock calibrated carburetors. Units requiring service during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the purchaser. ACFI retains sole discretion as to whether to repair or replace any unit requiring warranty service. This warranty is non-transferable and valid only for the original purchaser.

ACFI does not warrant improper installation or application of the carburetor or carburetor parts by anyone other than ACFI personnel. ACFI assumes no liability and will not pay for labor, damage, rental car, hotel, towing and /or any other ancillary costs arising from the use of the carburetor.

ACFI does not warranty that the carburetor, in and of itself, will solve all conditions necessary for a vehicle to pass emission requirements in any or all states. There are many reasons that a vehicle may not pass a state emissions test. No two states have the same emission limits nor do they test the same exhaust gasses, or test them the same way.

This warranty does not apply to defects created by misuse, negligence, collisions or other unreasonable use including, but not limited to improper installation or application of the product.

Any tamper seals found to be broken will void the warranty. All warranty repair work must be done by ACFI technicians. Opening of the carburetor by someone other than an ACFI technician will void the warranty.

Carburetors found to be fouled with rust, dirt, varnish, or any other contaminate will automatically void the warranty. ACFI strongly recommends the use of gas filters and that the fuel line be inspected for decay before connecting it to the carburetor.

Allstate Carburetor & Fuel Injection, Inc. – Allstate Carburetor – ACFI – Carbdoc – HPcarbs – allCarbs will not be held liable or responsible for any damages or labor expense caused by or inferred by the use of our products. These are high performance products used in a violently aggressive environment. There are too many variables contributing to engine and vehicle failure. By buying this product you accept any and all of these terms.

If your unit requires warranty repair service, call customer service at 631 234-8327 to obtain an return authorization. No units will be accepted for warranty service without prior authorization. The original sales invoice receipt must be retained as proof of ownership for all warranty service claims.

Carburetors requiring warranty service must be returned directly to ACFI. At their sole discretion ACFI may elect to replace or repair the returned unit. No credits or refunds will be made at any time.

Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.