The Shop

Carburetor And Parts Inventory

Here is a little info about the SHOP. Our 6,000 sq ft. facility houses one the largest inventories of carburetors and carburetor parts to be found anywhere under one roof.

We have a full line of Holley performance carburetor parts, Demon, Quick Fuel Technology, and Edelbrock carburetors and carburetor parts in stock. Some are OE replacement, some are universal performance. If it belongs on a carburetor, we stock it.

We have acquired most of, if not all, of the discontinued components from many manufacturers of antique and factory muscle car carburetors. Looking for an ‘extinct’ part to complete your restoration project? We have many ‘extinct’ parts that we manufactured especially to fill the voids in this market.

We also assemble and distribute carburetor kits and individual high performance carburetor parts and equipment for the major manufacturers: Moroso, Barry Grant/Demon, Holley, Nitrous Works, Carter/Edelbrock.

Custom Carburetor Performance And Calibration

Ever wonder why your new, out of the box carburetor doesn’t work well on your modified high performance engine? Well, your motor is requiring more or less fuel in certain throttle positions than the factory has calibrated that stock carb to deliver.

This is where ACFI can benefit you immensely. We build custom carburetors specifically for the engines they will power. We know that no two customers are building the same motor so we don’t build ‘stock’ carbs — we build carbs finely tuned for your engine’s specific needs.

We have extensive experience and great success in building CIRCLE TRACK, SUPER CHARGER and BLOWER carbs for Drag race, and Street performance use. Custom designed Holley, Edelbrock, Demon, Weber, and Quadrajet carbs for racing applications are no trouble at all. We build them in most cases from new castings (Holley and Weber carbs) and do all of the machining and sub-assembly work before each Holley carburetor is assembled.

All custom carburetors are vigorously tested on a live engine before they leave the shop. Just provide our technicians with your engine and drive train specifications and we will do the rest.

Made a mistake and already bought a new stock carburetor from a mail order parts company? Have no worries – we can still get you running much more efficiently and give you that ‘throw you back in the seat’ feeling that you’re looking for. With our re-calibration service you can get what your motor wants when it wants it.

Carburetor Remanufacturing

We are a full-scale remanufacturing facility located on Long Island, NY. We completely re-manufacture and restore Holley, Rochester, Carter, Motorcraft, Weber, and imported carburetors. We also perform complete restoration for classic and muscle car carburetors.

Our re-manufactured carbs look just like new. In fact, our remanufactured carburetors are polished to an even higher gloss than the OEM original, or they are re-colored or re-dyed to exactly match OEM specifications. We DO NOT use “carb renew paint”, gold paint, or any other colors in the painting spectrum.

Our primary goal is to provide a superior carburetor at a cost that doesn’t strain your budget. Each of our remanufactured carburetors is sold as good as NEW — and we stand behind our products 100%.

Carburetor Repairs

We can machine your carb surfaces back to factory tolerances, and recolor/re-dye carbs to original factory finishes. We are also the foremost supplier of Bright Zinc polished carburetors. Any Zinc die cast casting can be made to look like chrome with our Bright Zinc finish.

We can repair stripped fuel inlets, stripped main bodies, bush throttle shafts for carburetors and for TBI’s. For any of these services the carburetor or throttle body must be shipped disassembled with all gasket material removed.

Schedule of Services:
Stripped main body fuel inlet repair…..$85
Stripped Fuel Bowl repair…..$45
Stripped main body screws, all screw holes will be rethreaded and steel helical inserts installed…..$65
Bush Carburetor throttle base plate, any style…..$120
Bush Throttle Body(TBI/EFI)…..$125
Recolor/ReDye carburetor castings, per carburetor — carb must be disassembled and gasket free…..$100

Recolored Castings

Bright Zinc Carburetor castings, per carburetor — carb must be disassembled and gasket free…..$100

Bright Zinc Finish

Carburetor Restoration

We restore all types of original equipment carburetors for classic as well as factory muscle cars. We specialize in re-coloring and re-plating carburetors to their original appearance for NCRS, Bloomington, and many other judged expos.

Allstate Carburetor has beeen recommended by Holley Performance Products as a superior company that you can trust to restore your Holley product to original specifications and appearance.

This entails complete disassembly of carburetor and all sub-assemblies, machining castings to restore flat surfaces, cleaning and recoloring the castings, bushing throttle shafts when necessary, plating all of the hardware, shafts, screws and plates, reassembly with all new gaskets, accelerator pump, needle and seat, and float when applicable. In some cases casting pieces may need to be replaced due to severe warpage or deterioration. Additional charges will apply in this case.

Complete Show Quality Concourse Restoration:
ALL 1bbl and 2bbl carburetors…..$495
Any and all 4bbl carburetors…..$595
Any and all tri-power 3×2 set ups…..$1600

Chrysler Tri-power

Restored Hemi AFB’s

We are aware of the intrinsic value to keeping your all original car ‘original’ with all of the correct parts on it. Be aware that the carburetors that you send us for Restoration will be the exact date coded carbs that we send you back.

Allstate Carburetor is recognized and Recommended by Holley Performance Products as a premier carburetor shop capable of restoring your carburetor back to its Original look and Performance.

We supply carburetors for many well known companies such as Corvette Repair, Mid Southern Restorations, Hodge Restorations, South Coast Rides. just to name a few. To see some of our carburetor restoration work in action go to Click on ‘Special Cars’ to see all of the carbs that we have done for Kevin Mackay, including his Penske Race car. Go to  Mid Southern Restorations, Al Morgan and his fully restored 1970 Torino Cobra Fastback. Browse through and you’ll see that we can make your special carburetor look like the rest of your car — Beautiful.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injection service is a growing part of our business. We currently have the technology to ultrasonically clean, then flow most types of gasoline fuel injectors. This takes place in a state of the art flow bench where we analyze spray patterns and volume counts.

We supply new injectors, O rings, filter baskets, map sensors, throttle position sensors, oxygen sensors, baro sensors, idle air control valves, and many other components for fuel injected vehicles.

Call 631 234-8327 for details on how to obtain fuel injection service. Typical turnaround time is two to three days from receipt of your parts.