1966 L79 Nova Chevy Holley Carburetor List 3245 327 350 hp Chevy carburetor

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Holley List 3245 for the 1966 L79 Nova has been out of production for many years. With the high demand for this carburetor ACFI has REPRODUCED this carburetor.
You are looking at a beautiful era correct reproduction L79 Holley carburetor.
GM 3877413 DC is stamped on the choke tower and below that is the Holley List# 3245 No Date CODE
Everything about this carburetor is identical as the original 3245 Holley. Primary metering block has been stamped 4658 and is calibrated the same as the original 4658.
The secondary metering block is stamped 4099 and also carries the same calibration as the original.
Base plate has been resurfaced and has correct throttle shafts, drivers front mounting ear of the base has 3245 stamped on it.
This carb has been blueprinted, all mating surfaces have been machined for true sealing.
Carb is NOT painted, it is redyed just like the factory original, all new Genuine Holley parts.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in