Holley HP 1000 CFM Classic Carburetor 80513


Brand New Zinc Die cast Holley 0-80513

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Brand new Holley HP 1000 CFM Classic Carburetor 80513. This carburetor is original zinc die cast with the classic Holley Gold finish,

Carb features a contoured venturi inlet for balanced air flow, screw in air bleeds for precision tuning capabilities, high flow metering blocks and Dominator style fuel bowls which allow pluming from either side for ease of installation. Holley HP carburetors are the standard for square bore race carburetors. Race-Ready out of the box!


  • Gold Dichromate finish for corrosion resistance
  • Optimized race calibration
  • Contoured venturri inlet offers balanced airflow for increased horsepower
  • Screw in air bleeds for precision tuning capabilities
  • 30cc primary and 50cc secondary accelerator pumps for additional fuel under initial acceleration
  • Dual feed fuel inlets for constant high volume fuel delivery
  • 4 corner idle allows you to precisely control your idle system
  • Progressive Secondaries for perfect off the line launches
  • Stainless steel throttle plates
  • Includes notched float and jet extensions
  • Calibrated for gasoline

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