About A.C.F.I.

Master technician Alvaro Collarini began his carburetor business in 1950’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. as NEW LIFE CARBURETOR. As Alvaro’s expert reputation grew so did his business, and in 1969 Alvaro moved to expanded facilities in Central Islip, N.Y. He renamed the business ALLSTATE CARBURETOR, then guided it’s growth for 18 years until his retirement in 1987.

Alvaro’s young apprentice took over the business, and using skills learned from the Master, together with his love for innovation and desire to fix and repair what others can not, he took the company to the next level. Changing the name to Allstate Carburetor & Fuel Injection Inc. a proud name known to professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

From 1987 to current day…Allstate Carburetor is constantly undergoing changes and evolving like its customers. With the onset of our high performance carburetors line back in 1995 ACFI has become a well RESPECTED name at many of the Drag Strips across the country, helping racers break track speed records and winning races.

Today ALLSTATE CARBURETOR & FUEL INJECTION provides the finest custom built carbs and carburetor services for Performance, foreign and domestic automotive, marine, and industrial applications.

Our Online presence continues to grow through our website and other internet sites. We are striving to provide parts for the do it yourselfer and the rebuilder/modifiers.

We are making components that have been discontinued or hard to find.

We are providing a rebuild service for Electric Racing Fuel Pumps, and continue to support the Barry Grant product line as well as tech support.

Holley Performance Products refers callers to Allstate Carburetor to restore and refininsh their classic carburetors to Original condition and appearance, as well as support for their discontinued carburetor kits and carburetor rebuilding.

By the way, that young apprentice to whom Alvaro entrusted the shop way back in ’87 is, of course, A.C.F.I.’s Master Carburetor Technician, Jim Wilkom.

Alvaro has since passed on in May 2015.