If you lived in Norway and wanted to go drag racing, what would you do? Well, if you were Leif Westby, owner of this week’s featured car on The Finish Line Gallery, you’d hop on eBay, buy yourself a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda project car, and ship it from Boston to Norway in a shipping container.

The listing said the car was ninety nine percent finished and, from what Leif told me, that seems to be a bit of an overstatement.

1971 Barracuda - needs work

Apart from having no engine and transmission, the body required a lot of welding. Leif put in an all new interior as well as brakes, suspension, windows, you name it. He even did the paint work himself in his own garage.

He transplanted the engine from his previous drag setup, a ’67 Barracuda named BabyFish. That engine, a 605ci Hemi, was custom built for him in the US by Indy Cylinder Head. Behind the motor lives a 727 Torqueflite Transmission with a 3.23 Rear end. The car has 15″ inch tall 50’s for tires.

1971 Barracuda - back tire

Of course, a great engine is nothing without a good carburetor setup, so Leif shipped both of his Holley 1050cfm Dominators to us for our special attention.

We installed new external linkage in both Dominators for smoother throttle operation and also safety. Early Dominators had all of the moving parts for the linkage up under the carburetor center body, right over the intake plenum. If something came loose or broke it only has one place to go, down into the motor.


1971 Barracuda - carbs 1
1971 Barracuda -engine zoom


1971 Barracuda -engine

Then we refinished the Dominators in Allstate’s bright, zinc finish, tested them on our 502ci test motor and then shipped back to Leif.

We’d like to thank Leif Westby for trusting Allstate to work on his amazing car and we’d also like to thank for sharing its pictures and story.


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